We take pride in our kindergarten's facilities, staff, and family atmosphere.

No words can describe what Kindergarten Teddy Kids really has to offer, so to make the best judgment we invite you to make an appointment any day at 18:15 at any of the locations. The Directors and Manager will be there to give you a full Teddy Kids tour.


Leiden’s only international daycare and BSO. Located on the Zeemanlaan 22a, Herenstraat 64 and Voorschoterweg 8b. All children are welcome to our wonderful, exciting, modern,child and education friendly facilities. We provide not only care but education, preparing children both for school and all the exciting things in life. Step in to the the Teddy Kids world and take a look for yourself. Teddy Kids started 7 years ago on the Herenstraat. We have grown to be come a well known Daycare center and recently BSO in Leiden, and the only one with an international character, background and education.


We offer not only the best care but also a wonderful education for our little ones. They learn all the basic things likes shapes, numbers and colors, but also many different themes such as cooking, family and animals! Furthermore our 4 year olds are all prepared for first grade in school since we base our program on the first year of school.


For our BSOers we have a special program, experiencing the world and everything in it in every way possible. Kids are introduced to different types ways of creating art (paint, clay, charcoal, etc), they experience music, instruments, but also technological advancements from the latest toys and gadgets, to using iPads! 

We take them twice a month to the library where they can choose their own books to read and play with them in the 3 huge playgrounds that are less then 500 meters away. Furthermore in the summer we have an exciting program planned not to reveal all our secrets but Avifauna is one of them!!


Comsafe - Fire Saftey

Dichtbij - Online Newspaper

AIV - Ontwerp-Teken Beuro

Arte Viva - Child Safety

Slingerland & Slingerland - Accounting

Greenest Carwash - Mobile car cleaning at your work/home

Expatica - Expat community

Address information

email: info@teddykids.nl



Kinderdagverblijf Teddy Kids Herenstraat
Herenstraat 64
2313 AM
The Netherlands

071-589 06 72

LRK: 277424549


Kinderdagverblijf Teddy Kids Zeemanlaan
Zeemanlaan 22a
2313 SZ
The Netherlands

071-887 50 40

KDV LRK: 205183438

BSO LRK: 916083871

Kinderdagverblijf Teddy Kids De Vliet
Voorschoterweg 8b
2324 NE
The Netherlands

LRK: 110511098

Kinderdagverblijf Teddy Kids Rijnsburgerweg
Rijnsburgerweg 35
2334 BE
The Netherlands

06-14 66 30 33

LRK: coming soon!

Kinderdagverblijf Teddy Kids ASH
Deijlerweg 153
2241 AE
The Netherlands


LRK: 169763158



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