Teddy Kids International Daycare in Leiden

The first step towards becoming a Global Citizen

Global Citizens

We are here to help prepare the child for life and for school, be it the Netherlands or any other country in the world

We want to give our children a head start in life and in their school career. By learning 2 or more languages at the same time, children develop more flexible approaches to thinking through problems.
The ability to think in multiple languages promotes higher levels of abstract thought which helps greatly in acquiring and retaining new and relevant information.

Having more than one language also opens the world to the child, not only in other countries, but also in managing their relations and being more open and understanding to the people from around the world.

Teddy Kids is here for you, the parents. Coming from abroad, having a new baby or moving to Leiden, there are many questions that parents may have and we are here to help you with all of them.

Our goal is not to only teach children English (or Dutch). Our goal is to teach the children to adapt, to have the ability to learn any language, to adjust to any culture, to be a child of the world. Once they are grown up, they will be able to live, understand and work in any country or culture. This is what creates an international child. Daycare is the first step in a child’s international life and education and we are there, every step of the way to give them all the opportunities.

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What Parents Say About Us

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Our Qualities

We love what we do & we do it with passion!

Unmatched Flexibility

We are a flexible daycare: Reuse missed days, change days with 1 day notice, full days, half days, flexible hours and much more!

Bilingual Environment

One English and one Dutch speaking teacher in each group. Give your child a head start towards becoming a Global Citizen.


We understand your culture and do everything we can to help your child integrate. We can accommodate any diet, follow a specific schedule, and answer all your questions.

No Cancellation Period

That’s right! No cancellation period! Sometimes your job changes, or you are relocating: 1 day notice is enough.

Source Locally

We often buy products from local companies. All the fruit and vegetables are provided by our local greengrocer, and all the children get warm biological food by Moekes!

Little Expat Centre

We gladly help expats with the kinderopvangtoeslag or other government/tax related issues. We are here for you! That’s why Teddy Kids is also a little Expat centre!

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The Best Daycare

At the most convenient location

American School of the Hague

The American School of the Hague is renowned for it’s education. Thanks to our strong focus on education and internationality, we were given the opportunity to open a daycare in their Early Childhood Center (ECC).

Herenstraat 64

The daycare at Herenstraat is our very first location! It all started as a small business and has since then grown to a real family-oriented kindergarten organisation.

Rijnsburgerweg 35

Our newest and most iconic location: The Rijnsburgerweg was built by the Dutch Architect Hendrik Jesse and was his personal residence in the year 1906. Today, this building hosts a modern daycare with a 1000m2 garden specially designed for children.

Zeemanlaan 22a

Our daycare at the Zeemanlaan is modern (think of fingerscanners, iPads in each group, etc) and is also our largest establishment. We have 6 groups and even After-school care (BSO) available.

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What Parents Say About Us

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Some Fun Facts

About our kindergartens


Children Raised







A Comparison Table

So you can see their special characteristics

Name of Daycare Herenstraat 64 Rijnsburgerweg 35 Zeemanlaan 22a ASH*
Opening Times Mon-Fri 07:45 - 18:30 (07:00 - 19:00) 07:45 - 18:30 (07:00 - 19:00) 07:45 - 18:30 (07:00 - 19:00) 07:30 - 17:30
Contract Type Whole/Half/Flexible Whole/Half/Flexible Whole/Half/Flexible Only whole days
Cancellation Period No Cancellation Period! No Cancellation Period! No Cancellation Period! No Cancellation Period!
BSO (ages 4-10) NA NA NA
Garden 350m2 ☆☆1000m2☆☆ 350m2 250m2
Warm Food
Multilingual Teachers
Activities Teacher
Special Characteristics Play + Music Room Library + Racetrack + Hedge maze Swimming + Music Teacher American School
*Extra Info On Request
More Info More Info More Info More Info

What Parents Say About Us

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